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Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask - Joint Pain & Varicose Vein & Lymphatic Detoxification

Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask - Joint Pain & Varicose Vein & Lymphatic Detoxification

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🌟Tips: Use for 20-30 minutes each time (once every 3 days, twice a week, twice as a course of treatment)

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Before we start, let's take a look at our happy customers!

“I like the smell of herbs but this one is very special because it is not just smells good but very helpful. I had a bad fall last year and it results to make my legs swell. Only using this foot mask for 5 times helped me eliminate the swelling on my legs and I don’t really removed it. My body detoxify so naturally and I lose 21 pounds of weight, amazing right? I will keep using this since it really helps me on my weight loss journey too.”

- Savannah Hudson, 41, Tampa, Florida

“Thank you so much. I have suffered from neck lump, swollen lymph nodes and a bloated stomach for a few years. I have tried so many different things. This is the best lymph cure accessory. I bought a set of hand mask and foot mask, and used 4 pairs, but I used them separately. Every time I used them, I sweated all over. Its heating effect was very good, and I could feel my body absorbing herbs. And I noticed that I don’t have any issues with swelling or any inflammation. I seriously can’t thank you enough. By the way, regarding to my swollen lymph on the side of my neck for a long time, that time I was constantly thinking I had lymphoma. I was skeptical but still, buy this. Three weeks in and it's pretty much back to normal. The whole area feels better. Try it!”

- Alessia Abenson, 39, Brooklyn, New York


“I was tired of being called "Fatty" by such silly names. Then I saw this hot herbal foot mask on the internet and decided to try it. After 2 courses of use, I stopped eating a lot and my appetite was suppressed, so I started to lose weight! I have reached the outline I want, and I feel full of strength all over. I will continue to use it! Great product! "

Barry Glenn, Fairfield, Connecticut

Why  Choose Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask?

Compared with 90% products on the market, Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask is superior in weight loss, detoxification and pain relief. The key lies in its absorption degree. The absorption rate of other products can only be as high as 65%, while that of spray products is lower, only 50.07%. But the absorption rate of our products has far exceeded 200%.

 Most products can only stay in the stratum corneum, but are not really absorbed into the skin. Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask, through heating and acupoint stimulation, together with the soaking of natural herbs, can make the human body absorb the effective ingredients to the maximum extent, enter the stratum corneumbasal membrane and reach the vascular system.

How Does Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask Work?

  • Accelerate Metabolism
  • Acupoint Heating & Sweating
  • 10 Herb Extracts

Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask can generate heat without preheating or power. Accumulate heat from feet/hands to keep warm and not leak. The Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask is based on acupoint heating, and the foot/hand absorbs herbal extracts in various directions to provide users with herbal heating therapy and blood circulation stimulation. This foot/hand mask helps to effectively stimulate the blood and lymph circulation of the body, relieve varicose veins, and reduce liquid accumulation and orange peel tissue in body tissues. At the same time, it can also help human organs discharge harmful wastes, relieve human fatigue and mental stress, and make the body fully relaxed. After a hard day's work, it can help relieve foot/wrist pain.

From the perspectives of ancient East, there are various acupoints on the palm and soles of the human body, which correspond to different organs of the human body. Frequent massage of these acupoints can relieve the pressure of human organs, help the organs to discharge accumulated toxins, and promote blood and lymph circulation.

Studies have shown that acupoint heating massage can release endorphins and promote anti-inflammatory, thus helping to solve some types of diseases and obesity. At the same time, acupoint heating can effectively relieve depression and anxiety, eliminate fatigue and relax body and mind. Combined with 10 selected herbal extracts, it can better strengthen muscle tissue, reduce muscle stiffness, make you fully relax after a busy day, effectively relieve fatigue, improve sleep and relieve muscle stiffness and pain.

Dr. Oliver Baker Reveals The ROOT Cause of InflammationLymphatic Blockage

According to this 2007 study, pain is a result of inflammation

And what triggers the painful inflammation we’ve all experienced in our bodies and knees are little harmful proteins called cytokines. These harmful cytokines increase chronic inflammation and destroy joint tissue.

“Your body can’t recover on its own, because the production of cytokines continues, which increases painful and harmful inflammationThis harmful inflammation leads to chronic pain (seemingly out of nowhere) and causes common conditions like Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, bone on bone knees and other knee issuesPreventing you from enjoying physical activities and living a pain-free life.

Dr. Oliver continues…

Lymphatic obstruction is a blockage of the lymph vessels that drain fluid from tissues throughout the body and allow immune cells to travel where they are needed. Lymphatic obstruction may cause lymphedema, which means swelling. 

  • Lymphadenopathy: refers to lymph nodes that are abnormal in size
  • Lymphedema: is swelling due to build-up of lymph fluid in the body
  • Lymphoma: cancer of the lymphatic system body's germ-fighting network.
  • Lymphangitis: defined as an inflammation of the lymphatic channels 
  • Lymphocytosis: a high lymphocyte count, is an increase in white blood cells 

Cancers | Free Full-Text | Lymphatic Valves and Lymph Flow in  Cancer-Related Lymphedema

The Science Behind Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask

According to this latest 2021 study, inflammatory knee pain is almost always undetected. If left untreated, it can cause chronic circulatory pain …
Our breakthrough formula goes deep into the skin. The strong mixture of 10 unique herbal ingredients brings important nutrition to the affected areas. Increase blood flow and oxygen, and resolve inflammation that causes pain. At the same time, support the body's natural self-repair process to recover faster.

  • Proven By Independent Scientific Research

Clinical evidence supports the use of herbal remedies for drug-free pain relief. Using infrared cameras to measure the changes in body temperature caused by swelling (inflammatory response), an independent clinical study conducted lab tests to see: how effective the natural wormwood heatingmasks are in decreasing pain and inflammation:

*In the images above you can see how swollen (inflamed) red areas on the body fade to a calm green within 20 minutes of applying a pair of Natural Wormwood Heating Foot Mask..

  • Pain Reduced From 7.6 to 3.9

 On average Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask was shown to reduce pain from an overall 7.6 to 3.9 on the VAS Pain Scale. And to significantly reduce skin temperature (associated with pain and inflammation) in the same test subjects as shown with digital infrared thermography.

The Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask  Ingredient Matrix


Since biblical times wormwood has been used for its powerful pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Modern science shows that this herbal extract can significantly improve pain levels. Moreover, a recent Harvard study shows that Artemisinin (a compound found in Wormwood) destroys the root cause of inflammation. This is good, because prolonged inflammation in the body is associated with chronic pain and other diseases.

Ginger Oil Extract

Ginger has been used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its potent healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and warming effects… to help alleviate pain in the affected areas. These studies found that ginger was highly effective in relieving any type of joint or muscle pain.

Millettia Reticulata (Evergreen Wisteria)

Used in Chinese herbal medicine for over 2000 years, this potent herb increases blood flow to give your joints, ligaments and muscle tissues the nutrients and oxygen they need to heal from any aches and pains faster.

Wild Celery

This amazing flower has approximately 25 anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds that fight against pain and inflammation in the body.

Safflower Oil

Recommended by, research suggests that this rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids oil, combats pain and helps reduce inflammation

Saline Cistanche

Modern pharmacological studies have proclaimed Herba Cistanche as one of the "Best Pharmaceutical Gifts of the Traditional Chinese Medicine" and have proven its effectiveness for significantly reducing back and knee pain.

This is Why Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask is Special

  • Effectively relieve physical pain, heat and promote blood circulation, dredge lymph.
  • Relieve women's menstrual discomfort and enhance men's ability.
  • Multiple benefits–can be used for a range of diseases such as knee pain, varicose vein, arthritis, tenosynovitis, back pain, headache, fatigue, anxiety, cholesterol and stress.
  • Mature extraction technology of Chinese herbal medicine.
  • Accelerate metabolism and promote digestion.
  • Lose weight easily (just use our hand/foot mask)

Let's Check Out Sylvia Williams's Progress With Natural Wormwood Heating Foot/Hand Mask!

"In the end I got the result I wanted. It bulges in such a way that I can't stand it. Now there is no residual liquid on my hand to make it swell. Thanks to this hand heating mask, my hand can recover. Highly recommended! "

- Alphonse, Louisiana

"I wasn't sure about this foot mask at first, but after using it for about two weeks, I found that I really lost a lot of weight. Once you get used to it, this feeling will be very relaxing! I bought two different course, one on my hand and one on my ankle. I highly recommend this wristband to anyone who is dealing with overweight, cellulite, leg pain or inflammation. "

- Jenny Ashton, Omaha, Nebraska

"Thanks to this heating foot mask, I was finally able to truly transform my body the way I want it. It really helped me feel strong, healthy, and balanced. Awesome product!"

- Sally Cuomo, Baltimore, Maryland

How To Use

  1. After taking a bath, put on a foot mask/hand mask before going to bed, gently press the outer layer of the film cloth with your hand, so that the skin evenly contacts the herbal essence, and then fix the seal with a sticker.
  2. Use for 20-30 minutes each time (once every 3 days, twice a week, twice as a course of treatment)
  3. Take off the film sleeve and wash it clean.

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